Service Plans

Heartland Propane offers a variety of service plans to meet your needs. Customers on the Guaranteed Comfort or Routed Delivery plans receive Priority One Service, giving them access to our 24/7 on-call delivery drivers who can make night and weekend deliveries.

Guaranteed Comfort

• Guaranteed price cap
• Priority One Service included
• $100 guarantee you won't run out

Available exclusively from Heartland Propane, Guaranteed Comfort promises value, peace of mind, and security.

With the Guaranteed Comfort Plan, you never pay more than the guaranteed price cap that’s set when you sign up. You’ll enjoy the lower of the current market price or your capped price, so you’re always protected.

Guaranteed Comfort works for you all year long, July 1st through June 30th. Members of this plan also receive our signature Priority One Service. 

Guaranteed Comfort enrollment is $39.99 for the first year and $10 per year in subsequent years. 


• Buy gallons in advance at a set price
 Priority One Service included
• Sign-up period runs July through September 

You know your annual energy costs when you use Pre-Buy from Heartland Propane. With this service, customers buy a defined number of gallons in advance at a set price during the annual sign-up period, which runs from July through September each year. Then those pre-purchased gallons are available for use through the following June. (Don't worry about over-buying; the dollar value of any unused gallons will be rolled over to the next year's purchase.)

Pre-Buy comes with our exclusive Priority One Service. 

Routed Delivery

• Automated delivery schedule based on use
• Priority One Service included  
• $100 guarantee you won't run out 

Routed Delivery is perfect for customers who want the peace of mind that comes with automated delivery service. On this plan, your propane is delivered as needed based on your estimated usage. You no longer have to check your tank gauge or call in for delivery.

On Routed Delivery, you can choose the Heartland Propane payment plan that fits your lifestyle. Routed Delivery comes with our exclusive Priority One Service. 


• On-demand delivery service
• Minimum delivery of 225 gallons

Customers who only need the occasional refill are welcome to use our will-call service. We recommend requesting a refill at least five days in advance of the day you need it. Night and weekend deliveries are not available with this service. 

Pay Your Way

Heartland Propane offers a variety of ways to pay your bill. You can pay by phone via credit card or bank account; you can pay online right here on our website; or you can mail in or drop off a check.  

SmartPay is a level payment plan that allows established customers to spread the cost of their deliveries over a 12-month period.

If you'd like to learn more, send us a message below or call us at (800) 211-9101.